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Welcome to There And Back Again!

Thanks for coming by, we hope you enjoy your stay! We are an Alliance guild on the Thorium Brotherhood server, created to have one last hurrah seeing the old world before the impending cataclysm. We gather on sundays all day to explore, quest, hang out, drink, and enjoy ourselves with much merriment! If you are interested in joining our merry band, please visit the forums and talk to one of our officers in game!

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Heading Horde-ward

Goldthorn, Jul 14, 10 12:51 PM.
All right - time to unveil plans for the Hordeside flavor of There and Back Again...ready?

We'll be nesting within the welcoming arms of our original guild here on Thorium Brotherhood, <Imminent Rueage>.  As this is an established guild (matter of fact the oldest guild on the server), there will be folks who are already over the level cap.  Not to worry - we've moved the furniture around and there's plenty of room.  We just have a few more hoops that everyone joining IR will need to keep in mind.

First off - TaBA members will need to stay within the level cap as usual.  Even though there will be guild members around who are higher level, you will need to leave the guild if you go over the weekly level cap.

Secondly - you will need to adhere to the IR code of conduct.  This really shouldn't be hard, its almost exactly the same as nice, don't be mean.  No crude words, in guild chat or in vent, or for that matter out in regular chat channels.  You'll be representing <Imminent Rueage> out in the world and we have certain standards.  If you want to mess with someone in Barrens or trade chat, please do so on an unguilded alt.

Thirdly - once our hordeside farewell tour gets up to level cap all of you are welcome to apply to join <Imminent Rueage> officially.  I expect this will also mostly be a formality, but rules are rules.  I hope all of you enjoy it so much over there that you want to call it your home.

Fourthly - We'll be moving our weekly events to SATURDAYS, at 1pm server.  Our first date is the 24th of July - starting characters in starting zones with a level cap of 12th.  No formal event for everyone is scheduled...but we will be gathering late in the day at Crossroads for portals to Dalaran and screenshots.  The following week on the 31st we'll start in the Barrens with a cap of 17-18.  Yes, Thousand Needles is on the schedule for is Stonetalon and other horde points of interest.

Finally - TaBA isn't just disappearing.  I expect there will still be activity over here, and once we all get to 80th there may be heroics and raiding for the not-so-faint of heart.  

So, what's the next step?  

If you are interested in joining us over on the hordeside, you can head over and create your character now - just send a tell to an IR officer and let them know that you are part of TaBA and would like an invite.  They'll set you up.  Then go over to the IR website: and put in an app there.

Our incredible bank drone Laurelindore has already stocked the bank tabs of IR with everything growing alts need.  Same rules apply - don't be greedy, throw things in if you can.  Donations on the 5th tab, etc.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you over on the flip side!


Sunday June 13th...

Goldthorn, Jun 13, 10 3:22 AM.
Get thee to Nethergarde Keep in the Blasted Lands!

If you are level 50 or above, we will be embarking on a grand adventure spanning 2 continents and taking up the battle long lost by the Fallen Hero of the Horde.


Don't let his Orcish visage put you off since a foul evil lurks still in the Blasted Lands which must be faced and defeated!   

Are you up to the challenge? 


There and Back Again - Anglers Extreme

Asyrasilver, May 8, 10 7:13 AM.

It was a warm that evening in the great Dwarven city of Ironforge, a slightly sooty breeze carrying the distant sound of hammers as blacksmiths crafted their wares in the vast center of the city, the Great Forge. Near by, deep in the gloomy shadows of the Forlorn Cavern, a group of heroic adventurers gathered. First one, then more, unspooled their lines and attached them to fishing poles... rooting around in their bags until they found that favourite lure. The hunt was on, for that one... perfect catch.  As time was lost to the methodical casting and reeling of fishing poles, more adventurers gathered. It was almost time for their journey.

This haphazard band of heroes was not out for gold, glory or riches. No, today was the day that they made their grand sortie to visit the Extreme Angler Nat Pagle. Word had it that the ever so reclusive Nat was handing out his well crafted fishing poles (rumour also had it that these fishing poles would actually make fish hurl themselves from the water and land IN your basket), not just to any adventurer, but only to those willing to travel across the world to catch rare and exotic fish, thus proving their worthiness of such a fine (and shiny) fishing pole.

When all had gathered at the appointed meeting place, the mage Shimmersong drew a worn piece of parchment from her robes and laid the plan. First, she would call upon the arcane forces to create a portal to Theramore (a recently acquired and vastly helpful talent). The group stepped through the portal, and so began a journey none would soon forget.

First stop on their list, Nat! (Well none of them are mind readers, how were they to know what fish he wanted?) The adventurers gathered at the end of the dock pondered their current conundrum... how do they get to Nat? Nat lives on a small, remote island in the bay formed by Dustwallow’s sundered land. The ladies didn’t want to their tresses dampened, and some of the men had just had their shirts cleaned... the dwarf had even had the beer stains removed! As the group, resigned to their slightly more soaked fate, stepped off the dock, Kyrianya giggled and took pity on her companions, casting a particularly helpful shaman spell that allowed the fishermen to ride across the water as if riding the open expanse of the Shimmering Flats.

After a slightly perilous journey across the water to Nat’s humble abode, the companions were given their quest. Four types of fish were to be caught: The fine Feralas Ahi, the matchless Misty Reed Mahi Mahi, the scarce Sar'theris Striker and the strange Savage Coast Blue Sailfin. The merry band set off, a song in their hearts and fishing poles strapped securely to their packs, catching the first line of gryphons West to Nijel’s point. One or two aerial gunner mounts needed to be confiscated from one warlock who shall remain nameless, however the nine adventurers landed safely, their minds focused solely on the fact that they were within a short ride to the coast that held their first bounty, the Sar'theris Striker.

The adventurers rode like a small convoy, across the desolate lands, towards the gentle sea breeze that called to them like a siren song.  They gathered around a small inlet, intent on their task. A silence fell over the group as the first casts were made into the glistening bay. One by one the fish nibbled the baited hooks. The group gathered, shuffled, and moved in for their first photo of the night... all holding up their fishing poles in jubilation, the first catch was made.

One fish down, three to go. No sooner had the newfangled gnomish camera clicked; the group rode off for the lush forests of Feralas.

It was known to these intrepid travellers that the pond of the Feralas Ahi is not in the most accommodating of locations. It is at the base of no place other than the feared Eastern wing of Dire Maul. The group rode to the pond; mindful of the amount of noise produced by the hooves of the cumbersome horses and clumsy elekk (the Night Elves looked on with faint smirks as they sat on their spry cats). The snapping of one twig could be the undoing of this noble band of fishermen, should the ogres catch the trespassers. Reverently, they once again unstrapped their fishing poles, prepared the lures, said a fisherman’s prayer, and cast their bait into the water. Slowly, but surely, all caught the very tasty Feralas Ahi.

Shimmersong once again shared with us her glorious powers and teleported our band to the Capital of the Alliance, Stormwind. Glittering in the now setting sun, the city was breathtaking from the view at pinnacle of the Mage Tower. All paused and took in the gloriousness of being part of the good and wondrous Alliance, before continuing on to the second half of their arduous journey. They slowly walked through the city to the now familiar gryphon landing, and paid their fare to the goblin city of Booty Bay, the point from which they were to foray into the wilderness, in search of the Savage Coast Blue Sailfin. It was decided by the less bloodthirsty of the merry band that a more nautical route would be taken to the fishing hole, as the land route would have required the massacre of untold numbers of pirates (trying to earn an honest living as smugglers). They gathered at the end of the dock for another round of spells to be cast before they set off. Carefully, the group rode up the waters of the Western coast of Stranglethorn Vale, as though the water was nothing more than another road, towards the area commonly known as the Savage Coast. Seeing that it would be perilous to fish from shore, the wily group took full advantage of their water walking abilities and pulled the fish from the water while still standing on top of the rolling waves. While some of the companions fished, others who had been lucky and caught those sparkling blue Sailfins early, amused themselves by fighting a nearby bevy of pirates (only to realize that even the smallest of paper cuts would remove the fragile water walking spell cast upon them). After a short delay (it took some of the fishermen slightly longer to devise the perfect lure for this picky fish), the slightly saddle sore group was off for a long ride... the last leg of this far-reaching sojourn.

The plan for this next ride required an extended amount of riding on water. Some who were disconcerted by the idea of a long ride relying on such a fragile spell instead flew to Darkshire and rode through the menacing, albeit harmless Deadwind Pass, into the murky marshland of the Swamp of Sorrows. These adventurers had to keep their wits about them in order to dodge dastardly dragonkin, duck around enormous hairy green spiders and smell the oncoming, un-bathing (and certainly kitten kicking) orc patrols in the area. Meanwhile, the other half of the passel rode a long way along previously unexplored coastline North to the Misty Reed shores, meeting their wayward companions. They baited their hooks, knowing this would be the last time they used these trusty old fishing poles, and reverently cast into the murky waters, careful to avoid crocolisks and murlocs. While they fished, their hearts filled with joy, seeing the end of this arduous journey, however loving the company they had shared. While awaiting the final few fish, the trailblazers shared stories and a pint or two, celebrating not only the end of the quest, but the journey. They laughed at the stories of those who had run through the Swamp, toasted to the downfall of the Horde, and laughed at those of the group who fell into the water suddenly, having lost the effect water walking spell a tad too soon. Once the last fish was reeled in, the group, for one final time, took the mage portal to Theramore, feeling a sense of déjà-vu as they once again made the trek out to Nat Pagle, and turned in their bounty. Nat, sufficiently impressed, bequeathed unto each of these avid fishermen one of this trusted fishing poles. The group paused for one last picture before dispersing, feeling almost light on their feet despite their extreme exhaustion, for they had done it, they had now conquered the journey, they were now known as Angler Extreme.

Southshore/Theramore - 4/25: Zartden Reporting

Goldthorn, Apr 26, 10 5:45 PM.

There and Back Again - The Thandol Span

The air was crisp of that early spring mid morning. A strong sea breeze buffeted through the straight that cuts the eastern kingdoms in half. The sun was approaching noon as people started to stop on the high stone bridge. Old familiar faces brightened as greetings and salutations were tossed about, new faces appearing also. All waiting for the beginning of another days adventuring. Druids and shamans danced in their animal forms while waiting for the few last stragglers to show. 

And what was to be the first grand and noble task of this mighty group. Perhaps they would take over a castle, over throw an evil warlord... no.. they were asked by a partially sober dwarf to run moonshine to Southshore. Run Moonshine? Thats childs play some were heard saying. So with the flair that only a group like this can muster, it was decided that everyone should swim the moonshine there. A race was conceived, planned, and rules haggled over, and after a few false starts (ok.. lets face it.. people fell off the bridge), the race was on. 

The tides and currents seemed in favor of the pack of twenty or so swimmers. The water was clear, the sun was warm, and the Naga were out for blood. One does not just go swimming through Naga territory and not be chased by virtually every beast from below. And yet our intrepid wanderers made it to Southshore without much damage. Well.. again... truth be told I died twice. 

Lucky for Southshore the troop did not descend upon the rolling hills like ants at a picnic. Residents stopped and gazing and gawking at some of the strange races that assaulted their banal eyes. Its not often a Nightelf, let alone a Dranaei, wander the street in Southshore. We split off into groups, each heading off for grand adventure. Some Of the groups stayed in Hillsbrad to slay yeti, fight assasin, thiefs and general ne'er-do-wells, while many others set off for the sundered land of Dustwallow Marsh. 

A quick flight to Menethil, and a long sea voyage later, it found our wandering warriors at the port bastion of Theramore. Before stepping even a few yards into the town, we were set to the task of helping the lighthouse keeper fuel the fire that burns so bright. Thresher oil was needed. Thankfully the threshers in the bay not only have lots of oil, they keep it in handy containers, but will only give it to you upon their untimely demise. Since all those of There and Back Again helped the lighthouse keeper, she should have enough oil for years to come. 

We were then tasked with getting a book. Of course the book wasn't where it was said to be, which lead us to the small island where the master fisherman Pat Nagle resides. Now Pat, being the eccentric, hermit type, was more than willing to give us the book... as long as we were willing to check out his new shark bait. Looking back on it maybe it wasn't wise to smear a foul smelling paste on ourselves and jump into shark infested waters, but some how our group survived the testing of the bait and Pat was more than happy to give us the book. Of course, we all smelled like rotting fish heads for the rest of the day...

Major Mills accepted the book and asked us to help kill Tethyr. "Sure", we thought. "we can take on anyone here in Theramore". The he explained he had three mortars. Seemed like over kill... until we saw Tethyr. Head the size of the stern of a ship, shoulders twice as wide. And on top of that, his breath not only stinks to high heaven, but also is so cold that it burns those unfortunate enough to come in contact with it. Our team slew the giant beast so quickly that the locals not only sung out names in praise, but they also lit off fireworks in celebration. 

Theramore would seem to have a problem with agitators. Vile, despicable types spreading false rumors about how things are. When asked to flush them out, we had no problem getting them to show their true colors, and the few that fought back were so disliked by the Theramore guard that the guards didn't say a word as we clawed, slashed and burnt them to death. 

"Swamp Eye" Jarl in the Marsh had a few odd requests while we were there. First he wanted frog legs, the unpopped spider eyes. Then he needed a knife that only a murloc seemed to carry. Marsh folk sure do eat some odd things. Mordant Grimsby, a visitor of Swamplight Manor implored us to seek out what evil was haunting the area. The risen husk and spirts seemed to point to a great evil. We were told to gather a special herb that when burnt, its smoke draws evil from its hiding places. Wonder if it.... oh never mind.. the evil appeared in the form of a great bat-like creature, which we of course killed instantly (well after some of us screamed in terror). The evil purged, our work was done. Pity we couldn't have helped with cleaning the furniture. 

North Point Tower - Dustwallow

It was obvious that the Captain Vimes thought highly of us (that or he wanted us killed) and sent us to investigate the Shady Rest Inn. The inn had been burnt to the ground. It took us a while but all evidence seemed to point to the Grimtotem tribe having done this. Everyone knows you can't trust a tauren as far as you can comfortably spit a live rat. Retribution would be ours, and not just with the Grimtotem. We stole the Blackhoof tribes weapons, released prisoners they had taken, and then set forth upon them packs of wild raptors to terrorize their village. And when it came to the Grimtotem, we exacted a revenge comparable to what they did to the Shady Rest Inn, we burnt their village to the ground. Maybe now the number of flies in Dustwallow will drop, having rid it of those mangy stinking horde. 

Chasing down information about the Defias in the area lead us to a string of islands just off the coast of Dustwallow. The soothing tropical breeze and lots of sunshine was a welcome break for us all, yet it was not to be a restful time basking on a sunny beach, no. A few of us were able to rest briefly while others were searching for  the diving equipment we needed. Once we had the gear, it was down to the bottom of the sea floor, salvaging the wreckage strewn along the islands. Some of us seemed to find more murlocs hidden in the wreckage then the strong boxes we were looking for. Turns out that the Defias were transporting a prisoner, and Renn McGill had us rush back to Theramore to fill Lady Jania Proudmore in on the Defias machinations. 

Lady Jania Proudmore (tall, isn't she) -->

By this point the sun was setting, our armor was battered needing repair, our bags were full beyond their breaking point, and most were tired needing to recharge and rest after a full day of misadventure.

Sunday 4/25 - On the Shores!

Goldthorn, Apr 24, 10 2:02 PM.
This coming Sunday will find There and Back Again a little more like Here and There :-)  Our plan for this Sunday involves a number of travelling quest lines and not totally centered on a specific zone.  So please jump over to the Sunday 4/25 - On the Shores! thread in the forums and post which group you are most interested in joining forces with for the day.

On another note we've seemed to run into a little snag getting last weeks report up.  We apologize and hopefully those pictures and such will be showing up soon.  In the meantime take a look at our heroes at work  :-)  Thanks to Zartden.

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